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 Nelson Soh Co-Founder Peggy Chen
Co-Founder Nelson Soh Co-Founder Peggy Chen

Great Value SG is a Singapore-based company founded by two avid shoppers, Nelson Soh and Peggy Chen. We love to shop for interesting gadgets and items. It is our passion to bring about great products which would enhance the lives of people to make them healthier and happier which prompted us to start the company.

Our love for the environment led us to go into manufacturing products which are natural and Eco-friendly. Great Value SG Natural Bamboo Deodorizer Bag is the perfect epitome of this philosophy. Each bag is made of quality linen material and contains all natural premium quality bamboo charcoal which is highly effective in odor removal and a healthier alternative to chemical fragrances. It is reusable up to 2 years and can be recycled after which so there is no waste. 

Another quality product is Neck Kool Cooling Gel Memory Foam U Pillow which is probably the coolest and best quality travel U neck pillow around. This neck pillow has a special cooling gel layer so it provides a cooling sensation to your neck area during summer. It also has an additional velvet cover which provides comfortable touch during cold seasons. The quality memory foam in the pillow provides just the right amount of support and comfort. This is unsurpassed by other travel pillows with beads or filled with air. This product is currently shipped from Singapore only.

We love to sell to customers who are similarly looking for great values and share our love for people and environment. Great Value SG aims to bring quality products thus adding great values to customers hence the name of the company - Great Value SG


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